Brian Eno: Composers as Gardeners

At The Edge, there’s a video & transcript of Brian Eno’s talk at the Serpentine Gallery Information Gardens Exhibition

He goes on to talk about the influence that Stafford Beer’s work had on him, and one line stands out: “instead of trying to organize it [a design] in full detail, you organize it only somewhat and you then rely on the dynamics of the system to take you in the direction you want to go.”

Discussing the creative process, he looks at “the shift from ‘architect’ to ‘gardener’, where ‘architect’ stands for ‘someone who carries a full picture of the work before it is made’, to ‘gardener’ standing for ‘someone who plants seeds and waits to see exactly what will come up.‘ “ The force of this argument lies in its recognition that collaboration and surrender are parts of the same skill: we have to relearn how to surrender, listen and co-operate, so “that you start thinking of all of us as the audience, all of us as people enjoying the garden together.  Gardener included.”

He concludes with his proposal: “my idea about art as gardening is to sort of revivify that discussion and to say let’s accept the role of gardener as being equal in dignity to the role of architect.”